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If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you’ll find plenty here.

If you want to buy any images for publication, higher-resolution versions are available for commercial use in newsletters, magazines, newspapers and on websites for NZ$15 each, or 10 for NZ$100. Email the stock numbers you want and we will email the image(s) and an invoice by return email. New images will be added to every category regularly.

 Your purchase price does not buy you exclusive use. We retain the right to sell the image to other customers. However you have unlimited use (exclusions apply, see below), meaning you can use the image(s) in an unlimited number of projects.

You may not use these images in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner.
You may not use these images in projects where the value is in the content itself, such as business cards, calendars, posters, templates, brochures etc designed for resale.